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The Compassion Reaction

Instead of the anger or frustrated reactivity, have the compassion reaction. As accelerated energy swirls within and around the planet levels of reactivity can accelerate. Use this meditation to have the compassionate reaction instead of the unconscious reactivity that leaves us feeling even worse than the reality of the event.


By holding your mind's breath in and focusing on the heart we increase our capacity to be observers of events as opposed to judges of events. This energetic stance of witnessing events from the heart leaves us in a place of inner peace and inner power in the face of conflict. This is a great meditation and technique to use whenever you are in conflict or feeling anxiety.

  • Bring your awareness to your breath.
  • Bring the awareness to the mind's breath and invite your mental body to breathe into your divine line that flows in front of your spine.
  • Bring your awareness into your heart chakra and listen and observe from that place.
  • Calibrate the ears of your heart to listen to your own inner sound.
  • Use your breath to inhale yourself into your heart space.
  • Tone the heart.
  • Open the ears of your heart to your own sweet sound.
  • Clean the heart chakra and your perception mechanisms.
  • Be surrounded by the Ascended Masters who hold compassion for you.

May you react with deep compassion and inner grace to all challenges that you may face.

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