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Download individual daily cup of consciousness meditations by Aleya.

The Daily Checklist

I do this every day, either in the morning and or at night depending on the day. It takes just a few minutes. I invite you to print this checklist out and glance at it once a day, and know that your energy fields will move into this energetic stance.


Here is a basic energetic check list for living in balance every day:

  • Surround yourself with your Guides, Spiritual Family, Team and Angels.
  • Hook into your own spiritual power and connect with all energetic aspects of you.
  • Bring in the sacred shapes, holograms, and mandalas that can support you in living a balanced and blessed life.
  • Locate all responsibilities that you are carrying that are not yours and send them back to their right and perfect place along with all relevant and appropriate information.
  • Bring all responsibilities that are your back to your Higher Self.
  • Clear all cords, contracts and agreements that do not support your greatest happiness.
  • Balance your electrical and magnetic grids within all systems of your being and your body.
  • Bring all your reference points back to your core column of light.
  • Bring all your anchors off of everyone and everything and back to your core.
  • Relay all relevant and appropriate information.
  • Invite your Higher Self and the Guides to bring in the solutions for any challenge you have in your life.

Balance takes just a moment. Enjoy.

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The Early Years
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Comments & Discussion

January 26th 2015
Thomas Burke
Your introductory free meditations have been wonderfully positive!
I am still reeling from feelings of inner bodily alliance and balance. Thanks for providing a much needed buffer of love in a time of so much misunderstanding. Blessings peace and love
August 3rd 2010
Fran Dukehart
Dear Aleya,

Your suggestion for a basic energetic check list for living in balance everyday is very useful. I enjoy the tone and tempo of your voice...which is so soothing to my ears/heart. I sense that I am more able to utilize what I hear when there is harmony, ease and grace in the delivery. Since I am very open to you and your suggestions, the shift in my energy field is immediate and lighter. Thank you for sharing your balancing gifts with me.I love and appreciate you very much. Fran D.
August 3rd 2010