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The Daily Meditations 2nd Anniversary

On February 24th 2009 I started the Daily Cups. It was a vision and desire to assist and serve in a deeper way. This process has helped me stay awake and awaken more deeply. I hope it has served you and others as well, in the process of awakening and staying awake in a slumbering world, which is now slowly starting to rub their eyes and peak out from under the covers.


The light continues to get brighter on the planet, and the journey of the daily meditations continues to go deeper. It is an honor to do this work and have it received.


As you listen to these meditations I invite you to notice the differences in the evolution of the meditations. I am amazed that after two years I now have a little over 500 meditations online. The many mini moments... Feel free to Facebook your comments. On a technical note, the earlier meditations have a different recording quality as well as the music. Fortunately both continue to evolve.


Today the link on the page is for the second meditation. Listen to the third meditation on the link below. You can also listen to all of them on the links below.


The first one I picked was the very first daily meditation that I recorded. I remember I was beyond nervous and it took me 45 minutes to record this one 4 minute meditation. Fortunately the process has become much easier and joyous since then.
Connecting with your Higher Self -


This second one was recorded in August of 2009 and is a favorite of mine and helps me remember how to be present in every mini maintenance moment. To keep pushing deeper and finding ways of manifesting, awakening, and maintaining hope and joy in a sometimes challenged world.

Many Mini Maintenance Moments -


This third one was recorded in August of 2010 and is for feeling our Spiritual Family on the other side. A great one for moments when we are feeling a little "homesick" and wonder why our family has not come back to get us in their spaceship yet.

Connect with Spiritual Family -



May your day be filled with light, expansion, a pinch of focus, and a ton of celebratory joy.



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Lynn Einarsson Woods
I have been doing Aleya's daily meditations now for only a short time, and the impact on all areas of my life has been astounding. The rate at which I am manifesting is amazing, the peace and power I am experiencing in my beingness, the love and connection to my essence, to source, is quickly changing my entire way of being. I am forever grateful for the gift of the energetic shifts and healing that Aleya's gifts have brought forth. Thank you Aleya for sharing your work with humanity!
February 27th 2011
Thank you Aleya for these daily meditations. Please know that they help me so much and many others too. You are beautiful.

February 25th 2011
Aleya, I have been listening to your meditations daily for 4 months. I can feel they have helped me in soo many ways. I just want to say Thank You for all you do, and I will keep up the monthly subscription for as long as you do this work.
February 25th 2011