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Transform Anger Into Discerning Boundaries

Transform the anger or the edge. As the layers peel away, anger can arise as a protection mechanism. Access a more empowered, graceful, and discerning boundary system. We will often use anger as a mechanism to protect and create a boundary. Use the fuel that is rising up and clearing out of the consciousness to create a more discerning boundary. Instead of judging the anger, surf it like a wave and let it move you to higher ground.

  • Locate all conscious and unconscious anger that you are carrying with you as a mechanism for protection and boundaries.
  • Bring in sacred geometric grids to transform the anger into a discerning boundary.
  • Use the anger as a fuel and as a mechanism for creating an appropriate boundary.
  • Surround yourself with an orb of light that gently spins around you holding divine discernment, integrity, and empowerment.

Wishing you healthy, empowering, compassionate boundaries.

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