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Travel to Higher Ground

Travel from one dimension to another that holds a higher vibration and consciousness. Use this meditation to access a higher vibration.

  • We call forth the angelic beings that are Masters at assisting in passing through portals of light.
  • Come into the present. (This is a big deal. If you are not present it may not be graceful.)
  • Bring your awareness back onto your core.
  • Locate the portal we are traveling through.
  • Imagine a crystal elevator and step into it.
  • Use this elevator to pass up into a higher dimensional reality.
  • Update your reference points.
  • Calibrate your base chakra to the vibration of thriving.

Wishing you a graceful transformation to a higher vibration of being.


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The Early Years
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Comments & Discussion

Beverly J Struble
How exciting -it feels like a celebration day? May I ask about your voice? When you were calling in the Light Beings to assist us..the tones sound like an ancient language? or actual words? Are those the Beings sounds? working through you? or are you hearing what needs to be sang? Thanks for helping me get through these times - it is validation I AM feeling something- that it is NOT just my imagination!!.
Thanks for helping me become more aware... MANY blessings.. Bev
July 23rd 2010