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Turning Point New Moon

Happy New Moon! 

Use this potent triple-shot of Cups to embrace a new cycle, a fresh, new way of being in this turning point in your journey. 

  • Hold your awareness in you divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Teams to connect with the essence of the Moon.
  • Calibrate your grids that helps you receive energetic information from the Moon.
  • Sit in the higher realms and deeply ponder your new Moon intentions.
  • Set intentions that are feasible and you are able to actualize in this lunar cycle.
  • Break your intentions down into small more "do-able" steps.
  • Activate energetic codes of conscious, vibrations, and sounds around you that help you embody the appropriate steps that support your intentions.
May your New Moon intentions inspire, empower, and support you as you move forward in this lunar cycle.


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Comments & Discussion

November 4th 2021
Becky G
I love what each cup brings in! And the second one brings in a very unique perspective for me! Thank you so much!
November 4th 2021
Great timing! Thank you.
November 4th 2021
Wowzer!! Beautiful, timely, and powerful manner in which to embrace this New Moon. Once again, thank you Angels and Aleya for your loving guidance.
November 4th 2021