New Thought Class in Fresno
New Thought Classes in Fresno
Moving in the Moment - Ohio 10-18
Join Aleya for a three hour intensive. Dive deeper into energetic protocols, sound healing, and movement. Help the body heal, clear ancestral issues, increase support, and the ability to manifest your desires, and more.
Previous Classes Taught by Aleya
Previous classes taught by Aleya. Download the audio recordings of the class. These classes were 1 to 2 hours in length and have 1 to 2 hours of audio material, some more, some less.
The 7 Cups of Consciousness Classes
Videos and audio files about the 7 Cups of Consciousness aka 7 Principles/ 7 Gateways. Tools for empowering and transforming your life.
Body Deva Classes
Classes focused on helping the body heal and awaken. Move into a more connected empowered stance as you ride in the human form.
Manifesting and Empowerment Classes
Increase the ability to manifest and move into greater empowerment. Tap into resources in the higher realms Connect with your guides and angelic realm Increase empowerment connection Release blocks and challenges Increase support in all areas of your life
Co-Creative Healer's Class
This three hour video and/or audio class has many layers and pearls of wisdom, and tools for anyone who is a healer and is empathically sensitive.
Assistance From Your Ascended Master Self Class/Session
Listen to an 80-minute gem-packed class with Aleya. Connect with yourself in the future as an Ascended Master and receive healing, assistance, and support
How to Use Your Energy Fields Class
This powerful class will help you learn how to use your energy fields to transform and manifest in your life. Download approximately 70 minutes of 13 seperate audio files all with different topics.
Connect with Guides and Team
A two hour audio class where Aleya shares information and energetic protocols to help you open up to hear your Guides and feel their support.
GPS Class/Session New Thought Community
A powerful yet gentle class to help you find a new direction that supports and inspires you to a greater degree.
Increase Support and Co-Creative Service
An hour long audio file of the recordin of the class that Aleya taught at the New Thought Community Center in 09-13 on Fall Equinox.


Body Health and Increasing Supportive Resources

Join Aleya for a powerful and deep 2.5 hour class in Fresno, CA

Sunday March 10th from 1pm to 3:30pm


This Class will focus on body health, awakening the body's consciousness, and increasing the roots and magnetics for manifesting.  

  • Dive deeper into the energetics of your body. 
  • Awaken your body's consciousness in an empowered way.
  • Help your body increase support by connecting with the Nature consciousness.
  • Amplify your body's ability to manifest and heal.



New Thought Community Church


2060 N Winery, # 101
Fresno CA 93703

1:00pm to 3:30pm 






This will be a small class of 25 or less. Aleya will record an audio track of the class and you will receive an email with a link with the audio files after the class. 

You can also login to your account to access the files.