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How to Use Your Energy Fields Class [07/01/2013]

This powerful class will help you learn how to use your energy fields to transform and manifest in your life. Topics include:

  • Manifesting
  • Finding a greater connection
  • Increasing empowerment
  • Shifting your consciousness

Download approximately 70 minutes of 13 seperate audio files all with different topics.


Use Your Energy Fields To Transform Your Life

Center for Positive Living Sedona, Arizona


We all have energy fields that surround us. It is the energetic aspect of us that is called the Higher Self. The Higher Self is an aspect of your essence that exists in the higher realms and has the capacity to work with your energetic fields to shift your consciousness and your reality.

Use your Higher Self to shift the energy in the higher realms and in it turn shifts the energy in the physical realm.


Aleya taught this in person class September 2011 in Sedona, Arizona to a small group of people.


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