Classes with Aleya

Listen to audio files from classes that Aleya has taught over the years.
The Empowered Empath Course
A 7 hour course for mastering empathic sensitivity.
Seven Cups of Consciousness Practitioners Training Course
Become a certified practitioner of the Seven Cups of Consciousness. Learn how to use energetic protocols in your practice with your clients/patients and for yourself.
The New Manhood Codes
The New Manhood Series
Strings Summit 2021
2 classes to help you tap into your musical power.
How to Prepare Others or Yourself for a Graceful Transition Class - Audio Files
How to Prepare Others or Yourself for a Graceful Transition
New Thought March 10th [03/03/2019]
New Thought Class March 10th 2019   Filled with deep processes and proeocols to help you...   Increase your connection to your divine line. Help
Visalia Class - May 2017 [05/28/2017]
An hour long power packed, pearl filled class Aleya taught in Visalia, CA in May of 2017.
Class in Coarsgold, CA - Spring of 2017 [04/01/2017]
1 hour of information about your divine line, your Team, Guides, and your Essence.  This is a class Aleya taught in
Mini-Deep Dive for the Body - 10-09-16 [10/09/2016]
Help your body heal, awaken, and manifest.Use your energy fields and the higher realms to transform, change, and heal.A 2.3
Irvine Manifesting Class - July 2016 [07/08/2016]
A 1 hr. and 45 minute audio file on manifesting, body health, co-creative ways of serving. On July 2nd 2016 I
Seven Cups - East West Mountain View [11/11/2015]
Empowerment, clarity, and learning how to use the higher realms to shift your life. Release challenges and activate your Soul's wisdom. Mini-Deep
Assistance From Your Ascended Master Self Class/Session [06/08/2014]
Listen to an hour and 20 minute class with Aleya. Connect with yourself in the future as an Ascended Master and
GPS Class/Session New Thought Community [03/16/2014]
The GPS Class The material covered in the 1.5-hour class is below. All material was recorded in the audio file.   A
Fall Equinox Class - Increase Support and Co-Creative Service [09/22/2013]
An hour long audio file of the recordin of the class that Aleya taught at the New Thought Community Center
Two Body Deva Classes [07/01/2013]
Online Body Deva ClassThe material covered in the class is below. All material was recorded in audio files and also
How to Use Your Energy Fields Class [07/01/2013]
This powerful class will help you learn how to use your energy fields to transform and manifest in your life.
Abundance Class [07/01/2013]
Download this incredibly powerful abundance class, which shares tools on how to get clear about manifesting abundance and tapping
Co-creative Healer's Class [07/01/2013]
Download this incredibly powerful 3-hour class. Release codependent patterns Increase your ability to heal in a powerful yet gentle way Learn how to
Connect with Guides and Team Class [06/09/2013]
Aleya shares information and energetic protocols to help you open up to hear your Guides and feel their support. Discover the formula. Get