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Two Body Deva Classes [07/01/2013]

Online Body Deva Class
The material covered in the class is below. All material was recorded in audio files and also in a 3 hour video.


Concepts Covered:

  • Introduce the concept of the higher self
  • You have energy fields that surround you and create your reality.
  • The concept of the body deva’s higher self. The body deva is of the nature kingdom. It is a nature spirit.
  • Connect the higher self and the body deva’s higher self.
  • You have electrical and magnetic energies within and around you that affects your health and reality. Electrical = Celestial   Magnetic = Earth, Grounding

Powerful tools for transformaing the way you live, heal, and work with your body.

Comments & Discussion

This class is just too Fantastic! We should have Body Deva's classes!
September 11th 2015