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Sips About Relationships, Service, Compassion, and Triggers

This is a collection of sips that are all about relationship, meeting your own needs, holding compassion, clean boundaries. This first Cup is loaded with multiple sips. Many layers and empowering pearls. If you use the you can listen in slow mode... :)

  • Meet your own needs.
  • Honor the qualities you value.
  • Send information.
  • Model the solution in the face of discord.
  • Hold compassion.
Steps for a healthy relationship.
When Triggered in Relationship do...
1. Identify the need I have that I am not getting?
(Examples: Respect, Appreciation, Connection, Safety, Support)
2. Retrieve responsibility for meeting that need.
3. Meet that need in your divine line.
(Imagine a river of that quality flowing in your divine line. Invite your body and Team to do the same.)


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User Comments

YES!!!! More pieces of the puzzle....a picture is emerging. Thank You!
I shudder to think how much longer it would have taken me to figure out these steps to make my shift from codependent service to cocreative! Unending gratitude and blessings to you Aleya! Life changing!!!
Lisa C.
So perfect NOW!
Perfect for what is going on in my family right now. My aunts health is failing and my cousins are being affected. We all are. This helps a lot thanks Aleya. ❤️
So helpful...thank you!!!♥️
I so love and value your teachings and tools about healthy, co-creative relationships, so I'm always extra happy whenever there's a daily cup about this subject. :)
I will definitely use this
I'm finally getting it! :) Thanks!

Recorded 11/10/2017