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Sips and Protocols About Judgment

This Cup is a little bit different. It is a combination of sips and a protocol about judgment.

  • The first portion speaks to ways to hold yourself when you feel judged by another.
  • The second potion of the Cup speaks about judgment, fragments, and empathic sensitivity, karma, and compassion.
  • A super fast quick protocol to return fragments after moments when you judge another.
  • A slower protocol to to help you return all fragments, empathic sensations, and karma that belong to another.
  • Clean and clear your fields of all thought forms, emotions, karma that belong to anyone you have ever judged.
  • Explore an inner quality you value.
  • Increase appreciation for this inner quality and increase self-acceptance.
  • Open your heart to you.
  • Self-acceptance is the solution for judgment.
  • When you encounter judgment in others hold compassion and model the solution.
May you hold self-acceptance and model that in face of others who judge.



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User Comments

Great meditation, as always! I wished to give some feedback about when you do these "collection of snippets and protocols" style meditations. I find it very jarring when one suddenly plays after another. (Today's was slightly better than in the past perhaps because they were all about the same concept.) I would really appreciate it if you could somehow separate them into different tracks. Gratitude~
I appreciate your final bullet today. Namasté
This is such a great thing to learn! Thanks for explaining it first with the snippets!
Thank you, Aleya, So very timely as always :). Love the little kittens :))
I really liked this setup: the snippet pearl of wisdom explained and THEN the meditation. I was just speaking to my therapist yesterday about how the word “judgement” triggers me. She said she thought that that was normal; hat most people are triggered by it.
This cup came at the perfect time.. of course. Thank you
I Think we all can sip on this one once in a while. 😊💞

Recorded 10/06/2017