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The Buddha Bubble

The Buddha Bubble is an energetic stance of compassion during which one holds a safe, non-judgmental space for someone who is upset.

When we are in the face of conflict or upset with others the most evolved place to be in is the Buddha Bubble. When we hold the Buddha Bubble we are in energetic integrity. We are not taking responsibility for other people's emotions, but instead are holding a safe space for them to be, and use whatever emotions they are experiencing as mechanisms for growth. Let the person who is upset know that you can see and hear that they are upset, and hold a safe space for them as they cycle through whatever they need to cycle through.


This one can go in your tool box for when you need it: how to hold compassion in the face of conflict.

Audio Buddha Bubble Explanation:

Steps for holding the Buddha Bubble:

  • Come into the present moment.
  • Acknowledge that some part of you has the ability to hold a place of compassion and non-reaction.
  • Do not fix the other persons emotions.
  • Hold a safe space for someone in their upset.
  • When someone feels safe they start to shift and heal themselves.

May you hold the Buddha Bubble for yourself and others in moments of challenge.


If you would like to learn how to deescalate someone who is upset in 90 seconds or less click here and check out my husband, Doug Noll's, 2-hour course. Amazing priceless tools!

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This is my absolute Favourite ... I use it all the time am a pro at it now :)
This is a very wonderful meditation to listen to at work while on the grind. love the way I can apply this to situations and remain neutral in a chaotic enviroment.
My favorite! A Krista pick! This is one for the toolbox.
I *so* need this tool right now... thank you!
thank you! So timely again, so useful and so needed!
Thank you!
This is fabulous!!!!! Totally will use this in my tool kit. Carla F
Calm Fortress
Thank you Aleya ... I have been practicing this extraordinary lesson for myself and others. Thank you for posting, with gratitude, Alex
Yes you read my mind too.....I will use this tool...thank you
Do you read my mind? Thank You, for the BuddHa Bubble!

Recorded 05/09/2011