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08/10/2017 - Clear the Ears [2563]

Use this cup to focus on clearing and healing your ears. This cup is from the early days. June of 2009. Enjoy. :)

  • Release the sounds of fear coming from mass consciousness off your ears.
  • Calibrate your ears to the enlightened consciousness.
  • Tune into the sounds of health and balance.
May you hear from a clear and connected place.


Clear the Ears Protocol

Sip on this second cup which is an energetic protocol from a class I taught in 2012. Align your ears to the sound of your Soul. Invite your body to align its energetic ears to the sound of Earth. Plus a little nugget about the third eye.


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Comments & Discussion

This is fixed. Try it now.
August 10th 2017
faeriecherylThe first cup isn't loading in the app nor email for me...August 10th 2017
MarilynI love it when you include a protocol from a class!August 10th 2017
infoJust what I needed today! - Thank you!August 10th 2017
peaceandquietoneYes, acknowledged, perceived.August 10th 2017
Recorded 06/16/2009
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