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05/15/2019 - Cultivate and Value Your Inner Light and Magic [3047]

This is a potent Cup that can help you move into a place of feeling enough. The fourth concept of the Seven Cups of Consciousness is... "we do the opposite of what we are intending until we reach a level of awareness and we begin to practice that which we intend to master". We often look for validation externally. When we do not get it insecurity and self-doubt bloom.  Use this Cup to release any insecurity and self-doubt by increasing your inner light and magic. The more you validate yourself the stronger and more balanced you will be.  (This Cup is from a small class I taught- it is deep, layered, and powerful.)

  • Hold your energy and awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite your Higher Self, body, and Team to feel into your desire to cultivate more inner light and magic, and to be deeply valued in your world.
  • We do the opposite of what we intend to master. Invite your Higher Self, body, and Team to release any mechanisms of creating situations in your life where you do not feel valued. 
  • Spin your fields in a counterclockwise direction to release this inefficient mechanism.
  • Retrieve all responsibility for valuing your light and cultivating more magic.
  • Cultivate more light and magic in your divine line.
  • Value the light that flows within you.
  • Take a moment to feel into the light that flows within you.
  • Increase the magic quotient in your light.
  • Recognize that your light is for you.
  • Feel how the light within you is enough for you.
  • Toning to help you increase your light and magic.
May you value and cultivate the light and magic within you.

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Comments & Discussion

nanceSo beautiful - powerful - healing!May 21st 2019
BeckyAleya, this sinks in DEEPLY. So wonderful !!! Thank youMay 15th 2019
Nina Aleya, this was marvelous meditation with added bonus of you toning and music. Although I have been working on valuing myself more and more, the increase in magic is the icing on the cake!! Thank you for all you do!! NinaMay 15th 2019
BethJordan27Perfect timing!May 15th 2019
Recorded 05/15/2019
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