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09/19/2019 - Ground with Grace [3147]

When I tuned into the energy streaming onto the planet today I heard the word "grace." Use today's first cup to increase your grounding mechanisms using the vibration of grace. Imagine riding a roller coaster and not being fully fastened to the rail. That ride is not going to be very pleasant. Anchor into the rail of light. Increase the grounding so we can stay present and maintain clarity. 

  • Bring yourself into the present breath of now.
  • Ground in the heart of Earth and the heart of Source.
  • Extend your roots all the way down into the heart of Earth.
  • Locate the current of time that we are moving into at the rapid speed of love and light.
  • Calibrate the third eye to locate this river of light.
  • Imagine riding a roller coaster and feel yourself anchored and secure as you ride.
  • Bring all your reference points for safety, connection, and grounding back onto your divine line.
  • Anchor more deeply onto the track of light that supports you.
  • Surrender and let go of the rigidity.
  • Relax as you ride on this river of light that you are traveling on that supports your greatest happiness and health.
  • Feel your center inside.
  • Ground more deeply onto the river of light, the heart of Earth, and the center of Source.
  • Bring all your anchors back to your core.

The faster you go, the more grounded you become.

Grace Road Map

Sip on this second cup to tap into the grace road map and enjoy the journey.


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Angelikayour voice was different today, mellow and soft, ... beautiful. ... thank youSeptember 19th 2019
Recorded 01/05/2011
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