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01/23/2020 - Last Day of Lunar Cycle Prepare For New Doorway [3238]

Use today's cup and the last day of this lunar cycle to allow for a compassionate gentle completion and reflection, and prepare to walk through a new energetic doorway. Get ready to walk through a new door and embrace a new path.

  • Invite your Higher Self to reflect upon how far you have come.
  • Move into gratitude and have compassion for everything you experienced and learned.
  • Light language and toning activation.
  • Align your chakras and crystalline structure to the new energetic doorway you will be walking through tomorrow with the new Moon.
May you compassionately reflect upon your journey and prepare for a new path.


Celebrate the NEW MOON!

Join me for tonight's TALL Cup tonight at 6:00pm PT. 


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Comments & Discussion

MarilynI believe the tall cup is Friday night at 6. Thanks for this meditation. Just clarifying the date and time for others.January 23rd 2020
Recorded 06/15/2015
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