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Use Your Challenges To Grow

Use this fresh tool box cup to use your challenges to grow stronger, lighter, brighter, and evolve. This is the 5th concepts of the 7 Cups of Consciousness. When you embrace your challenges and use them as enlightenment opportunities life's struggles begin to recede.

  • Think of one challenge in your life you would like to shift.
  • Explore the emotions you experience when you think of this challenge.
  • Increase courage as you delve into the deepest emotion this challenge triggers.
  • Invite the angelic realm to encircle you and create a safe space and help you find the root.
  • Identify the challenge. Identify the solution or the flip.
  • Click here to explore the solution of the challenge. The flip it section.
  • Activate the sacred shapes, sounds, and light around this challenge.
  • Activate the vibration of the spiritual lesson of this challenge.
  • Swirl light, colors, and shapes that embody the solution.
  • Tones to help you embody the vibrations and qualities your Soul is determined to attain.
  • Gather your emotional charges that are triggered by this challenge and use sacred shapes, sounds, and light to activate the vibration your Soul is determined to attain.
  • Retrieve all responsibility for attaining this vibration off of all outer challenges. Use your Higher Self and energy fields to attain this vibration instead of using the outer world.

May every challenge be an enlightenment moment. 



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User Comments

This is a great tool - the transmutation aspect is SO good. Very comprehensive, effective approach. (I think I even had a vision from a past life, explaining some of my patterns...) Can't wait for the book!
This was so perfect for me. Will repeat it again and again this week. Thank you. Beautiful.
Great for purging old patterns! I've been working on this. Thanks!
Nice cool breeze this morning and this meditation is like that too. It is also DEEP and gentle got to look at some very old stuff and have more releasing with them and more understanding of other people. Thanks Aleya
Another great one for my personal toolbox! This meditation really helped me to allow some bigger "issues" to surface and provided exactly the right tools to transmute them! Thank you, Aleya!! And ditto to hilu's comment about the toning invoking brilliant hues of violet flame! Really beautiful!
Lisa C.
These tools came again in the right moment to support me in this day's challenges, thank you so much, Aleya! The toning was perfect and offered beautiful briljant colors of purpure and violet to look at.

Recorded 07/27/2015