7 Cups of Consciousness

Meditations that correlate to the 7 concepts.
Receive Internally
Open to receive new grids of abundance with grace and ease. Calibrate yourself to pass through to a higher dimensional
Prevent and Release Spiritual Arrogance
This meditation can help release any conscious or unconscious arrogance. It can also be very helpful for empathic sensitivity. Move
Connect with Your Team Light Language Activation
Open up your ability to hear your Guides. Connect with the angelic beings that surround you, support you, and guide you.   This
Choose Unity and Love
Choose a new and improved path. Shift behaviors, and alter patterns and belief systems. Link into the new grids that
Awaken the Body Deva
When I tuned into the energy for this meditation I heard from the higher realms, "do whatever you want." So
Increase the Light Quotient in the Divine Line of the Body Deva
Use this cup to increase the light quotient of the divine line of your body. Increase support. This is a
Connecting with Your Team
Use this meditation to connect with your Team. Your Team are beings of love and light that are in another
Connect with Your Essence - The 7th Cup
Use this cup to increase your connection to your essence. The 7th Cup of Consciousness is about how your essence
Use Your Challenges To Grow
Use this fresh tool box cup to use your challenges to grow stronger, lighter, brighter, and evolve. This is the 5th
Activating Your Desired Vibrations in Your Divine Line
Pulling from my book, The Seven Cups of Consciousness, sip on the 3rd cup today. Use the energy of the
Insights on the Energetic Weather - Quickening and Seven Cups of Consciousness
This Cup is a bit different with simple practices that you can do to help incorporate the Seven Cups of
Cultivate and Value Your Inner Light and Magic
This is a potent Cup that can help you move into a place of feeling enough. The fourth concept of