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Weave Your Threads In the Void

Use this Cup during energetic voids to help you, your body deva, and teams bring in greater, more magical ways of being.
While in the void feel how some part of you is sitting in stillness and reflecting and gathering threads of light to weave a higher-vibrational fabric within and around you. 

This Cup has a deep gentle profound swirl, kick, boost, shift. Strap in, relax, and enjoy the swirl into your inner loveliness.

Listen and then notice what feels different. Did you feel the kick?

Use caution while operating your bike, tractor, backhoe, golf cart, or car during or right after this one ;)

Here a link of a YouTube video I created elaborating on this in an energetic update. 

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Teams to reference the void (an energetic womb) where you re-create, weave, reflect, ponder, gather resources, discern.
  • Weave an even more magical way of being with all possibilities, empowerment, celebration, joy, health, awareness of your divine connection.
  • Bring in threads of light and weave a vibrational fabric that supports and sustains you.
  • Light language to help you reweave your vibrational fabric in the void.

Use the void to reweave your vibrational fabric within and around you in an even more magical way.

If you love this Cup, sip on the Reinvigorate Yourself TALL Cup. They go hand-in-hand.

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June 12th 2022
So beautiful ♥️
June 10th 2022
I love the simplistic nature of the piano and the image of the void. Calming and beautiful. Thank you.
June 10th 2022