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Aleya's Love Bundle

  • Download all of Aleya's music albums. Awaken, Aleya's Lullabies, Om-ing with Whales, In Stillness, Sound Medicine
  • Receive a daily meditation Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 3 months.
  • Partake in Aleya's live TALL Cups of Consciousness tele-video sessions every three weeks for 3 months.
Aleya's Music - Awaken, In Stillness, Sound Medicine, OM-ing with Whales, and Aleya's Lullabies.
The daily Cups of Consciousness are 7 minute audio meditations delivered via email three days a week. They help your balance, find clarity, and calm as you move in the day.
The TALL Cups of Consciousness are one-hour long live and recorded energy balancing sessions. Every three weeks on either Monday evening.
Give this this amazing bundle of angelic tones and energetic support to yourself or to someone you care about.


Awaken Album Track List
1. Awaken
2. Journey Home
3. Remember
4. Journey to Your Heart
5. Hear My Call

Sound Medicine Album Track List
1. Phase One
2. Toning and Instrumental - Phase Two
3. Acapella - Phase Three
4. Balance Chakras - Phase Four
5. Instrumental and Whales - Phase Five
6. Whales - Phase Six

OM-ing with Whales Album Track List
Oming with Whales and Aleya

In Stillness Album Track List
1. In Stillness
2. We Live In Love
3. We Are Here
4. Time Stood
5. Clear Heart
6. Come Back
7. Grounding
8. Galactic Garden
9. Oneness

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Aleya's Bundles

Aleya's Bundles
Aleya's Bundles