Aleya's Favorite Classes

A collection of Aleya's favorite must-have classes.
The Empowered Empath Course
A 7 hour course for mastering empathic sensitivity. Powerful tools to help you clear empathic sensations quickly. Specific practices and concepts that empower the empath, healer, teacher, parent, and partner.
Gentle Transitions Class
A class filled with practices to help someone transition, or help them when they are on the other side, or help yourself in your process.
Master Energetic Protocols Course
3 online classes to help you craft powerful energetic protocols.
$285.00 USD
Co-creative Healer's Class [07/01/2013]
Download this incredibly powerful 3-hour class. Release codependent patterns Increase your ability to heal in a powerful yet gentle way Learn how to...
$36.00 USD