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Clear and Heal Body and Energy Fields with Tones

This Cup is a song that is designed to do a major cleaning and clearing of the energy fields.
Use this meditation to assist with releasing and cleaning the inner and outer closets. Think of the energy and behavior you are really ready to release and get ready to start anew.

  • Ground
  • Clean, clear and calibrate the body's energy fields
  • Release that which no longer serves

Ground, clean and clear with tones.

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Comments & Discussion

Listening on Saturday a.m. This was perfect for me today! Powerful! Amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
March 9th 2013
These last two days have been very powerful! Thank you.
March 8th 2013
Wow! Amazing!!!
March 8th 2013
Thank you Aleya! You are helping me get thru this time of great change.
March 8th 2013