Aleya's Music and Toning

Listen to Aleya's music, sound healing, and light language songs.
Your Are A Being of Light- Energetic Poem
This Cup is an energetic poem with a pinch of light language and toning to help you reference your true self as
$3.00 USD
Sound Healing & Protocol to Clear Your Head
Use this fresh Cup to clear your head. When you invite some energetic aspect of you to reference a dimension that
$3.00 USD
Angelic Healing Toning Sound Scape
Enjoy this collection of Cups of healing, connection, releasing, and balancing for you, your body, and teams.The first two Cups
$12.00 USD
Light Language Story to Awaken the Heart and Remember Home
This Cup is all about awakening your heart and helping you remember. It is a light language story that helps you
$1.50 USD
Light Language Activation Using Your Time Wisely
Use this Cup to help you use your time wisely. This Cup is a light language sound bath journey. Imagine taking a
$1.50 USD
Balance the Chakras with Toning
Move into greater inner balance by cleaning and balancing all of your chakras. Each chakra correlates to a different note and
$1.50 USD
Vibrational Sound Bath Recalibration
This Cup helps you to set a new vibrational intention using a vibrational sound healing bath. As you listen to this sound
$3.00 USD
Cleaning Light Language Toning Sound Bath
Today is a light language toning sound bath coupled with the whales song. The next two weeks are about cleaning, completing,
$3.00 USD
Calling Upon the Whales Light Language Transmission and Activation
Music Monday's The next three days hold the the most potent, raw, vulnerable energy that can help you release, open, and
$3.00 USD
Light Language Chant to Release on the Last Day of this Lunar Cycle
Today is the last day of this lunar cycle. Use today to allow for a deep release, letting go, and clearing
$3.00 USD