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Tones for Grounding the Higher Vibrations

Increase grounding with this amazing toning grounding song. This song can help you reorient to the new balance point, and ground while still holding a higher vibration. One of the reasons anger and fear can surface is because these two emotions hold a very low vibration which can be very grounding but in a depressing kind of way. If you have been experiencing the anger or fear invite yourself to let go of those emotions as your grounding mechanism and tap into the grounding tones and your magnetics as a way to ground instead.


May you enjoy this latest piece by George Friedenthal, my pianist, and me on vocals.



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Comments & Discussion

Sharren Johnson
I found your comment of energy changes helpful. I noticed this past week that my balance was off for no reason that I could figure out. I am very sensitive to energy. It was good to be reminded again of the great plan being worked out.
September 22nd 2011
Deborah Franklin
Received this gift in a time of void, a time of asking for a sign, a time of releasing so many fears, after 60 years of working with Spirit(s). Thank you.
September 21st 2011
Danell Chamberlain
You are amazing.... No fear here. Just tears of joy. :) Hear we go!
Love and light friend!
Thank you!
September 11th 2011
Jan Louise Evans
I am eternally grateful for the help i receive from your meditations and the higher realms...
The meditation is wonderful and my day of resting, i feel it so much inside, a beautiful restfulness!!!
September 9th 2011