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Amplify Your Creativity, Passion Grids, and Motivational Mojo

Today's cups can help you amplify your creativity and passion within you. The more creativity you have the more motivated and inspired you will be. Take time today to feel how your creative energy and passion is what supports you, keeps you clear, and inspires you to move forward and up as you awaken.


  • Pull your awareness into your divine line.
  • Energetically locate a higher realm where you hold your passion grids and creative energy.
  • Feel that higher realm where you have a huge amount of creative energy and passion.
  • As you hold your awareness in this higher realm amplify your creativity and passion grids.
  • Infuse strength into your passion and creativity grids.
  • Feel how you are supported by your passion and creativity.
  • Tones to amplify the passion and creativity. Angelic tones and Aleya toning with a low grounding drone.
  • Take a moment to gather more of your passion and creativity.
  • Retrieve your passion and creativity off of others, pull it out of the future and the past and into this present breath of now.
  • Move at mach speed with your creativity and passion in the higher realms.
  • Open your receptors in the higher realms to receive more of your passion and creativity.
May you amplify and hold your passion and creativity as you move in the world.


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User Comments

WOW. That was a Delightful set of Cups! I especially liked the 3rd cup bringing in the Dolphins & the light language used their!!!!! A new fav of mine! Thanks Aleya :)
I am so very grateful for your meditations, especially these past few days. Everything has been exactly what I needed, thank you!! Big hugs and blessings to you in this new year! Xoxo
Beautiful way to start the month! I love your light language in the last meditation, and the dolphins were a wonderful connection! The rest of the meditations were a lovely reminder to keep our passion, creativity and joy flowing!
What a fantastic way to begin this new month! PASSION! Thanks Aleya!

Recorded 02/01/2019