7 min. audio meditation with energetic protocols and sound healing to help release anger and frustration. Move into grace, empowerment, and appropriate boundaries.
Unplug from Discordant Dimensions - Mass Consciousness and Link Into Harmonic Dimensions
Unplug from discordant grids and mass consciousness with this Cup. Take time to connect with harmonic grids and a consciousness that...
$3.00 USD
Hold Your Awareness in Harmonic Realms
This is a powerful Cup to help clear dark dreams. Use this Cup to hold your awareness in harmonic dimensions. This protocol...
$3.00 USD
Clean and Repair Your Energy Fields and Hold Stronger Boundaries
Get clean, clear, and strong with this Cup. One of the most loving things you can do for yourself and for...
$3.00 USD
Repair and Respect Your Boundaries
Use this double-shot to Cup to shift how you hold you, your body, and teams hold boundaries and move into...
$3.00 USD
Gracious, Calm, Open Heart
Right before a big energetic shift (tomorrow is Solstice) anxiety and stress can peak. Use today's Cup to move into the...
$3.00 USD
Hold a Container of Peace
Use today's cup to hold a container of peace for yourself and others. Prior to an eclipse activating and amplifying a...
$3.00 USD