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Anchor in Power, Connection, and Clarity Toning

Sometimes it is just better to tone. :) 

This poured out me...and as I edited it I felt into all the layers of this combination of toning, light language, and whales. It feels very centering, grounding, clearing, and a deep inner activation of power, motivation, and clarity.

This is also perfect for clearing any irritation or anger that may be surfacing as we release patterns that no longer serve.

This song works in layers, allow for the release as the energy lifts up and out.



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User Comments

I love these tonings and music, thank you Aleya!
hilkka.uuskallio these
thank you wonderful Aleya !
I came for the tones in the first place, so I'm a happy toned camper! This is an excellent paring. I've been hearing the push for grounding.
Sweet......the energy of your book and efforts are reflected into this toning piece, I cannot wait to read it.
Once again you have set my day into a grounded way of being!
Love to you and yours

Recorded 06/25/2014