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Anchor in a New Stance for the New Year

Embrace the New Year using this Cup to anchor in a new stance in your heart that you can hold as you move through each day in this coming year. This year is all about grounding while simultaneously expanding. Big roots and big limbs.

  • Take a deep breath in and hold your awareness in this present breath of now.
  • Place your hand upon your heart. Take a few deep breaths and relax your body.
  • Take a moment to explore the heart-stance you wish to hold that is supportive in this coming year.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team to ponder the appropriate heart stance that is the next step for you and helps you move forward in a supported way. 
  • Explore different stances  - gracious, kind, self accepting, determined, discerning, courageous, empowered, gentle, sacred, unshakable.
  • Toning to assist you in bringing in the appropriate grids that support your appropriate heart stance.
  • As you move in the day hold the awareness that some part of you is calibrating a grid that helps you hold the appropriate heart stance.
May you hold the heart stance that helps you embrace the new year in a supported way.


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Happy New Year! Beautiful, as always... love the piano! Thank you
Perfect and beautiful! Thank you!
So beautiful... and I loved the piano , very soothing and helped me tune in ~ 🌸
Karen C

Recorded 01/02/2019