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Connect with your Divine Line

Use this Cup to bring your vitality back on to you. 

10 years ago I began the journey of recording the Cups. Now 10 years later there are 1,866 meditations. This Cup is a spin on the very first Cup that I recorded. The second Cup is the first Cup I ever recorded. (It is interesting to hear and feel the difference. I would love to hear your thoughts on the difference.) 


  • Your breath to pull your awareness into your divine line.
  • Retrieve all your resources, anchors, creativity, orientation points, psychic energy, and vitality back to your divine line.
  • Invite your body deva to retrieve all it's resources, anchors, creativity, orientation points, psychic energy, and vitality back to it's divine line.
  • Invite your Teams to retrieve all their resources, anchors, creativity, orientation points, psychic energy, and vitality back to their divine lines and hold a supportive energy for you.
Thank you for being part of the Cups of Consciousness. Modeling connection, love, and light in each breath.


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Congratulations to you Aley! I am so greatful för your world. Beeing a part of my life and I feel the directness in the first one you död. It effects me almost physically and can feel that we have developed with you listening to your recent one. Healing the the closeness and connection to the hugger realms now.
Ed and I started listening almost 7 years ago, October 22, 2012. We were led to your work by my sister Michele, who learned your toning. We both have grown so much through the years of listening and incorporating your protocols in our lives. We often listen at night when we can't sleep. I feel that your cups have deepened our connection to our soul path and body deva's health. We also have grown incrementally from your sessions over the phone and in person! The difference in the cups today shows me how much you have added to your cups. I love the overlay of nature sounds and musical tones along with your own toning. It seems like the 10 years have only deepened your beautiful cups! Thank you for doing this work and Congratulations on the 10 year mark!
Oh my! It would be the length of a book to share how I have grown. I am so thankful and grateful for my teachers. You have put my learning and growing all together... It is a wonderful feeling. Thank you!!!
donna r
Really enjoyed the cups today. Even though the second cup was short -- it was Powerful & one that would serve me extremely well to listen to regularly. It's potent, direct and "says it all" Thank you!
Good morning and congratulations! The texture of the first meditation was very velvety and layered, maybe concentrated might be a good word. The second meditation felt light, raw, direct,no filters, fresh, and my body responded with chills after chills of receiving and acknowledging. Modeling and reflecting, I can't imagine not having these teachings, experiences in my life. Central PA had super high winds, power outages yesterday and today. I remembered the point of focus to be in the eye of the storm, having a birds eye view, stillness, practice what you intend to master, so many phrases, people do the through repetition and example I am learning and grasping the concepts. I see more quickly what triggers me. I am appreciative of the teaching around empathy and how to hold awareness but not carry what is not mine, and if I do, I am observant of how to disconnect. I would like to hear more about time line healing,...I was so fascinated by the idea of seeing myself as an Ascended master, gathering all the energy from the past and the future to the present time of now to effect change. I would like to know more about how to undo certain biological, physical conditions. Creating in the etheric blueprint. So I have expanded into the who, what where I AM, and I am so appreciative, oh and by the way, I tone all times of the day.You really have quite a creative spin on this and I so enjoy the journey alongside you and the gang!
Happy Anniversary Aleya! I started listening to the daily cups in late 2009. For years I would fall asleep so I just st listened to them to go to sleep. Then about three years ago I stopped falling asleep and the concepts and protocols started to make more sense. Not too long after that I was gifted your book and I started to teach myself how to say protocols. Still working on that! I honestly can not imagine my life and all the crazy ups and downs I’ve had without the daily cups. They literally remind me I’m not alone and there was always the light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dark it seemed. Now life is pretty great and I listen daily and have begun to add very simple protocols while working with some of my reedeees. So grateful for your work and your dedication to continual evolution of these cups. And of course I am so looking forward to the practitioners course so I can learn, practice and use more protocols in my daily life, with my clients and eventually teach them. Much love and blessings Deb
Happy anniversary!! When I started listening to the first (newest) track I started to get emotional, and saw beautiful sparkles of light all around me like the angels were there celebrating your anniversary with us as well! Both of these are SO beautiful and made me melt, but I can feel “you” more in the last one as you are more relaxed it feels - they are both so lovely and healing and I am feeling SO grateful to have found you! I am seeing a difference in myself since I have been listening to your cups and tall cups, what a blessing, thank you! 😘❤️🎊🎉

Recorded 02/25/2019