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Floaty Dreamy Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is a perfect time to open more deeply to yourself, release old patterns and limitations, and access that divine aspect of you. Question the way you navigate the world and ponder releasing energies that no longer serve. 

Now is a time to move slowly, do less, nap, sleep, dream, and go within, or do nothing productive if possible. ...enjoy the energy of nothingness if you can. 

  • Connect with the Essence of Mercury Retrograde.
  • Open to receive information, code, frequency, and light to help you navigate this cycle from a place of ease and joy.
  • Calibrate all of energetic grids for balance, flow, divine timing, and a deeper internal connection.
  • Invite the Essence of Mercury to work with you as you move in the day, sleep, dream, and play.

May you float and dream as the energy Mercury Retrograde envelops you.

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So that was my yesterday EST. I couldn’t get off the couch. Now I know why and it’s okay ❤️

Recorded 06/26/2013