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Focus the Mind for Linear Tasks (Left Brain)

Use these Cups to get a clear mind. We use the left side of the brain to engage in linear tasks. Activate the vibration of focus and clarity so that you have the capacity to complete tasks, organize, and clean out the closet. Use of crystals to help focus is also very powerful. Click here for crystal suggestions.

  • Invite your Higher Self to locate the linear tasks you need to complete.
  • Invite your Team to surround you and hold the vibrations of focus, clarity, discipline, and motivation.
  • Invite your Team and Higher Self to complete the linear tasks in the higher realms and reflect them in a completed state down to you here in this realm.
Get help from the higher realms as you accomplish tasks, clean out, and re-organize. 

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Wonderful. Thank you. Aleya
This is perfect for a work task that I have been putting off! Thank you.
Perfect for my day, thanks Aleya!

Recorded 03/13/2013