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Lullaby For Soothing

Use this Cup to soothe the heart.

Find the inner sweetness and softness to support you as you transform your reality in the higher realms, and let it gently reflect down here into this realm.


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So beautiful. I've listened to this so many times since you released it to us, Aleya. :)
What a gorgeous lullaby Aleya!!! So very of my favourites!!! (^____^)
This is hauntingly are truly a force of beauty, thank you for what you do.
One of my absolute favorites of yours, Aleya. Sounds like heaven.
I love Pachelbel's Canon and you took it to a higher level. Feel sweet and good. Thanks for the hot-off-the-press.
Thank you! This is just what I needed. : ) I can't wait till the CD comes out. I will get one for my friend who is expecting a baby. It's the perfect gift!

Recorded 04/05/2013