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Move into an Altered State and Access Your Higher Self - Toolbox

Use this Cup to practice a specific technique that can help you quickly move into an altered state, connect with your Higher Self, and access energetic information. Do this meditation while sitting and with your eyes closed. Do not listen to this Cup while walking around or driving. :)

  • Take a deep breath in and pull your energy into your divine line.
  • Take a few more breaths and relax the body.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Place a little bit of weight,pressure, awareness above your left eyebrow.
  • Place the weight on the third eye, and bring the weight down the nose just a little bit. 
  • Now place the weight at your hairline as well, and gaze at your crown.
  • Now place the weight at the heart chakra.
  • Holding the weight in these areas gaze at your crown.
  • Now your energy fields begin to expand giving you access to your Higher Self.
  • Now invite your Higher Self to gather massive amounts of information.
  • Let you in the physical realm hold stillness as some other part of you navigates other dimensions.
  • When it feels complete relax the body and bring your awareness back down into the physical realm.
May you surf the higher realms with delight and ease.


For deeper support, listen to the
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User Comments

Love love love this cup!!! It will be one of my ho to cups in the future. Thank you!!!💕💕💕🙏🙏
Aleya - I am confused with the difference in what you wrote here and what you said in the meditation. You written description says to place the weight above the right eyebrow, but in the spoken meditation you say to use left one?
Fascinating, I will incorporate this into my practice. I always find that if I have either the room completely darkened or an eye shield on, I "see" better without images and light from the immediate surroundings affecting me. Thank you, this is interesting, wondering the origin of this.
Awesome tools! Thank you. I appreciate you and this work.
Good morning, Aleya. I so appreciate this cup. I felt the shift doing the steps. Thank you! {P.S. In the audio you say to put weight above the left eyebrow and in the written text you wrote to put your weight above the right eyebrow. I followed he audio.)

Recorded 03/22/2019