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New Moon Intentions Coupled with Mercury Retrograde

Happy New Moon and Mercury Retrograde. 

Use this collection of Cups to set your intentions and receive support, complete tasks, release, delve deep, restore your energy, set a new identity, and reflect using the energy of the New Moon and Mercury Retrograde.

  • Discern how to use this lunar cycle and Mercury Retrograde in a way that supports and inspires you.
  • Pull all your awareness into your divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body deva, and Team to determine how to use this cycle. This is a time for completion, release, restoring, recalibrating, reflecting, delving deep. 
  • Whatever your primary intention may be, bring in the appropriate sounds, vibrations, consciousness, and assistance to support your intention for this cycle.
  • Tones to assist your energy self align to your primary intention for this cycle.
  • Engage in that intention and utilize the resources in the higher realms and reflect that energy to you here in this realm.
May you align with the appropriate intention for this lunar cycle coupled with Mercury Retrograde in a way that supports and inspires you.

If you are guided, you may be interested in having the  Certified Practitioner of the Seven Cups of Consciousness   course to help you master the principles and using the protocols of the Cups of Consciousness.


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Much appreciated and deeply felt. Thank you!
Thank you for this bundle as much is surfacing ... a little daunting ... #4 ... deeply appreciated
Wonderful collection, was on my massage table and body felt impulse to stretch, unwinding began, truly new moon alignment,began with 1, then 4, then 3 then 2, had fun listening to guidance as to which to listen to first etc. thank you Aleya!

Recorded 01/21/2015