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Recalibrate Your Relationship with Your Essence

This week and next week are all about healing your relationships. Use today's cup to reconfigure your relationships starting with yourself. When I tuned into the energy for this Cup I hear the words "reconfigure relationships." When you move into a healthier relationship with yourself, support, flow, love, and connection happen to a greater degree in all areas of your life.

  • As you hold your awareness in your divine line locate your divine line and the light of your essence.
  • Pull yourself into your divine line and ponder how you wish to be in relationship with the yourself.
  • Explore the light of your essence.
  • Increase love, appreciation, and respect for the light of your essence.
  • Invite your Higher Self to reconfigure your relationship with your essence.
  • Tones and light language to help you recalibrate, and reconfigure your relationship with your essence.
  • Invite yourself from the future as an Ascended Master to stand in front of you and to hold you, love you, and remind you of your perfection.
  • Find your support, safety, connection, and love in your divine line.
May you hold more self love for the light of your essence in every breath and model that in the world.


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Yesterday...timely and builds on yesterday and brought calm....thanks!
Thank you. This one is perfect. :)

Recorded 04/25/2016