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Recover Your Power From a Guru

Retrieve your spiritual power with this Cup. Retrieve all of your power that you have ever given away or had taken away. During our journey, evolution, and lifetimes we will come across Gurus, spiritual teachers, and healers who intentionally or unintentionally take our power, and perhaps we have given it as well. When we access greater personal responsibility and empowerment we have the opportunity to retrieve this power and hold it in a way that can serve and support.

  • Energetically connect with the Higher Self of the Guru or teacher you ever gave your power to, from all incarnations.
  • Retrieve your power in a whole and healed state.
  • Invite the Guru from the future as an Ascended Master to free you from all cords of control, and return all of your power back to you.
  • Return and retrieve all responsibilities.
  • Stand in your own spiritual alignment.
  • Be in gratitude for all that you have learned from this individual(s) from all incarnations.
May you be your own Guru, Teacher, Healer, Guide, and those that appear simply reflect back to you your own inner wisdom. :)


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This is amazing. I've been struggling all morning, trying to figure out what I'm feeling and have been doing work on myself trying to shift it and nothing has worked. When I remembered that I hadn't yet listened to this, I opened it up and just looking at the title shifted a bunch of stuff. Thank you so so much!!
Thanks also for getting the greeting card deck. They are filled with love.
Thanks so much for your feedback. This one is very powerful and it comes at the perfect moment. :)
Found this meditation to be powerful and very needed...relaxed deeply into a peaceful state. I have noticed since starting Aleya's meditations approximately 2 weeks ago I am feeling happier, more at peace and even "unexplained" joy. Enough that one of my co-workers remarked, " I want some of her "happy juice" ,she is so full of happy lately!"
I just purchases your Greeting Cards Collection, and they are amazingly beautiful! Thank you. Blessings, love & light.
Again, Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you.... you are amazing and I love you.
Thank you Aleya for this meditation, hits home with me! Thanks for the amazing work you do!
Blessings, love & Light
Really powerful for me. Felt really clearing. Found myself doing a heart mudra in front of my heart. I was trying all morning to figure out why you sent this meditation on this last day of the lunar cycle. Now I know. It fits in perfectly with this weeks tones. Heart clearing and opening. Looking forward to seeing wher this next moon cycle take us, humanity. Much love Aleya and Team.xxo

Recorded 05/08/2013