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Release Irritation and Anger When Boundaries are not Honored

As we receive downloads and high vibrational currents, a desire to have more quiet, space, and time increases. Use this cup to release all irritation and anger when your boundaries have not been honored, or when many demands have been put upon you.

  • Locate and retrieve all responsibility you ever gave to another for honoring, respecting, or acknowledging your boundaries. 
  • "I invite my Higher Self, my body deva's Higher Self and Team to retrieve all responsibility for honoring my boundaries."
  • Hold a gentle awareness 
  • Retrieve all gifts, wisdom, and mastery for honoring your own boundaries in your own unique way.
  • Activate the vibration of honoring your boundaries in the higher realms.
  • Activate the sacred shape of honoring your own boundaries.
  • Dissolve all cords, hooks, projections, and emotions of others off of all aspects of your being.
  • Send appropriate information to those who did not honor your boundaries.
  • Meet your need internally for respecting and honoring your own boundaries.

May your boundaries be healthy, strong and honored.

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User Comments

irritation and anger nicely describes how I have been feeling today. Thank you.
Chazie, I too have been experiencing burst of anger and frustration with seemingly no cause. But when I take a moment and listen this has happened before, when I get caught up in the material world, when im not honoring my soul. This meditation and your comment were beautifully synchronized to my path, a reminder of who I really am.

Namaste to you & aleya :-)
Wow ...these are the moments when I'm amazing agin....:). How I read the description and it fits like a very grateful!
Recently I've been experiencing burst of anger and frustration deep within. The strangest things seem to trigger these emotions which has me concerned that I'm headed down the wrong path and not having a clue where it's all coming from is a bit scary. This meditation is much appreciated. I need a serious reset.
Perfect and powerful for me. Not an easy one, so helpful to have such wonderful tools, thank you.
Perfect timing Aleya, this just came up for me! Blessings, love & light xo
Emily DeVargas
I agree with missydwise, timely and much needed in my world. I'm so grateful.
Oh Aleya... thank you so very much for this timely meditation. It was much needed, and is indeed appreciated. Heaps of love to you!

Recorded 08/27/2014