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Release the Unworthiness That is Empathic

This Cup is all about releasing energetic bundles that are not yours. Release any feelings of unworthiness that are empathic. When you serve in an unhealthy, co-dependent way you can pick up feeling of unworthiness. When you are in the process of awakening you shift from co-dependent service to co-creative service.


  • Invite your Guides and the Ascended Masters to encircle you.
  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team to locate all bundles of unworthiness that you are holding that belong to those you served in a co-dependent way in previous incarnations.
  • Return these bundles along with all appropriate energetic information.
  • Return all responsibility that is not yours.
  • Toning to assist you in clearing these bundles of unworthiness and responsibilities that are not yours.
  • Imagine your vibrational fabric that holds your mastery wrapping around you and referencing your self-worth internally.
May you serve from a healthy co-creative stance and value the light that flows within you.


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User Comments

Boy Aleya, I really value this protocol. Thank you. I am so happy this is in my library! I agree with nfullerstar... the singing and toning is divine and powerful along with this protocol.✨
💜 thank you 💜
Light & uplifting. Namasté
I love the composition of this cup. The singing and toning in the background layer with the protocol spoken in a normal voice on top is just lovely to listen to. Both layers are perfectly done and blended together beautifully. This is my favorite style of composition that I’ve heard in the cups. Of course the content of this cup is also special, powerful and so appreciated. A deep and subtle aspect, released. Thank you for this gem today!
This protacal is relaxing, deep, spot on, great timing for me. This week off and on I was feeling like I said or did something that someone didn’t like. Couldn’t shake that feeling of. Tried release, telling myself I’m ok maybe made a mistake but that happens. I am so glad I listened to this protacal this morning, what a difference for me! Thank you so much! Ps got a real chuckle out of your creative way of dealing with the email overload explanation.
Aleya! Thank you for your Guidance with this life changing work!
Lisa C.
Thank you Aleya! This cup is great!!! Such good work to do for all of us that have been serving for so many lifetimes!
This is so beautiful and relaxing I could listen to it all day.

Recorded 04/12/2019