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Soul Rider and Body Deva Connect with Individual Divine Lines

Use this Cup to feel the difference between you and your body. This Cup can help your body increase it's awareness and connection with it's divine line. When your body connects with it's own energy it takes control of itself in a bigger way.


  • Use your body's breath to pull your awareness into your divine line.
  • Invite your body to use it's breath to pull it's awareness into it's divine line that runs through the spine.
  • Hold space for your body to use it's Higher Self to orient in it's divine line.
  • Tones to help your body connect with it's divine line.
  • Increase your awareness that you are having an empathic physical experience.
May you the Soul rider recognize you are having an empathic physical experience as you ride in your body.


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I love this Aleya. A beautiful continuation of what we worked on in the class we did together yesterday! Thank you so much!
This is exactly my current situation... I've got a civil suit. Thank you, Aleya!! I'll repeat this meditation!!

Recorded 03/11/2019