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Wave of Calm

Use this Cup to tap in and find a sweet deep inner calm and clarity. This can help prepare you for a deep inner shift.

  • Invite your Higher Self to connect to the current of calm that is coming onto the planet at this time.
  • Open to the calming light that is coming from the Sun.
  • Energetically activate the frequency of light in the sacrum that has the capacity to open and align to the higher consciousness that is awakening on the planet at this time.
  • Tones and light language to assist this alignment and opening.
  • Invite the Angelic realm to encircle you and hold a vibration of calm.
Breathe deep and access the deep stillness within.


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User Comments

Wow! So yummy! Feeling waves of light and heat and beautiful love. Tears of gratitude. Thank you!
as I was listening to today's "wave of calm" I thought how grateful I am that I get to start my day listening to you. THANK YOU today and every day!

Recorded 12/10/2012