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Ground the Body & Balance the Microbes

This Cup helps your body clean, clear, and ground; balance and expand the electrical magnetics; and balance the microbes for vitality, health, and calm in this new energetic terrain.  


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite your body deva to connect with its grounding grids, magnetics, roots.
  • Gently clean its magnetic and roots of all discordant vibrations.
  • Repair the roots.
  • Expand the roots in the dimensions that sustain and help your body heal, feel supported, and calm.
  • Invite you and your body to explore the new vibrational terrain that we are now in.
  • When we are in a new environment that now holds different vibrations, which changes the vibrations within the microbes.
  • Invite your body to balance and harmonize its microbes.
  • Balance the electrical and magnetic energy within its microbes.
  • Toning and light language to help your body ground and balance its microbes.
May you hold a grounded balanced energy inside yourself and let that ripple into the world.


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User Comments

Thank you Aleya
All the grounding needed. Thank you 🌳✨🙏🏼
Thank you so much for the feedback. These times are definitely an opportunity to practice the tools. :) Aleya
Beautiful and empowering!!! Thank you!!!
Relaxing 😎 I feel better, stronger, at peace, calm, confident! Thanks Aleya, your work is valuable!
So needed today with all the mass confusion and fear! Thank you!!!

Recorded 03/20/2020