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7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help find physical health, reduce stress, boost immunity, vitality, and peace. Meditations for the Body Deva.

Activate Purity in the Divine Line of Body Deva - Health

Today the energy is all about purity.

Use today's double shot to activate purity in the divine line of the body.

The more pure and clean the light, the higher a vibration your body can hold, the greater clarity you will have, and the more it helps your physical health.

When you increase the vibration of purity you will also feel more energy and inspiration.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite your body to use it's breath to pull it's energy and awareness into it's divine line.
  • Invite your body to activate a vibration of purity in it's divine line, in the heart of Earth, and in it's divine spark.
  • Increase the current of purity, clarity, and fresh energy in it's divine cosmic loop.
  • Light language and tones to assist your body in activating a stronger current of purity in it's divine cosmic loop.
  • Invite your Team to activate a stronger current of purity in their divine cosmic loops.
  • Invite your body to connect with a realm that is pure and to use this energy in this higher realm to clean it's energetic fields.
  • Invite your Higher Self to activate a current of purity in your divine line.
May your body hold a stronger current of purity in it's divine line and model that in the world.


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Comments & Discussion

Modeling the purity inside me. Let it be so. Aho. β€οΈπŸ™πŸ½
May 12th 2024
Thank you Aleya that was lovely and helpful. It’s been a rough week on numerous levels and the meditation was soothing πŸŒΊπŸ’•πŸ™πŸ»
May 10th 2024
Amazing!!!! Thank you!!!!! Love, Serafina
May 10th 2024
Exactly what I needed this morning! Thank you Aleya; I felt my cells fill with gentleness and calm and deep relief
May 10th 2024
The second one hit the spot. Thank you Aleya πŸ™πŸΎ
May 10th 2024
Lovely!! Thank you.!!
May 10th 2024
Both were perfect . The second especially. thank you
May 10th 2024
Thank you. I actually felt like a nunπŸ˜‡ dont know why that image cameπŸ˜„. This 63 year old body appreciates pure, fresh, clear energy.
May 10th 2024