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Empathic Sensitivity Deck
Receive the Empathic Sensitivity Deck and download the PDF booklet that helps you clear empathic sensations.
Aleya's Greeting Card Collection
A collection of 8 greeting cards designed by Aleya with her favorite sayings.
Children's Corner
Meditations, music, and tools for children.

Children's Corner

Children's Corner

Download The Children's CD
A collection of meditations for children.... (More...)

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Free Children's Meditations
A free collection of Aleya's Children's meditations.... (More...)

A Soothing Meditation For Children
A five minute meditation for soothing young children.... (More...)

Release Anxiety Meditation for Children
A five minute meditation for young children to listen to help them release anxiety.... (More...)

Let Go of Fear
A gentle and sweet meditation to help children release fear.... (More...)

Being In Control
A 5 minute meditation to help young children under the age of 10 or 11 to find an inner control inside themselves instead of having to control their external world in an unhealthy way. This 5... (More...)

Bedtime Meditation
This bedtime meditation helps us into a peaceful and magical sleep.... (More...)

A child's imagination is precious. It can carry them anywhere and fill their heart with love and light.... (More...)

Feeling Your Angels
This meditation will guide you into feeling your Angels.... (More...)

Quiet Time with Children
A meditation helping children move into quiet time.... (More...)

A Morning Meditation For Children
A morning time meditation for children.... (More...)

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Children's Corner

Children's Corner
Children's Corner