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Cleanse Fields and A Space, and Increase Your Vibration - Tones

Break out the Sage or Palo Santo.

Use this potent fresh sound-healing Cup to cleanse your energy fields and the spaces where you work and live. The cleaner your space the more there is flow. This is a perfect Cup to play quietly in the background when you are in the space or when you leave the home or work place as a way of cleaning the space and increasing the vibration of the space. This Cup can also help in motivating to clean and organize a space.


This Cup can also have the impact of cleaning your energetic fields. You can listen the same way you do other Cups or listen to it silently. (This Cup can be intense, thus the suggestion to play it in the background very quietly.)

  • The angelic realm singing. (Literally captured on a microphone.)
  • The whales singing a healing cleansing song.
  • Toning to cleanse with the sound euee.
  • Toning to increase the vibration of the fields and a space with the sound Hu.
  • Bird song bringing in light.
May you move into a clean clear higher vibrational way of being as you move in the world.



Audio Sample


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Comments & Discussion

Thank you Aleya, this is awesome!!
April 12th 2018
Beautiful!!! I too will listen to this often.
April 12th 2018
Amazing. Thank you so much!
April 11th 2018
This cup can also have the impact of cleaning your energetic fields. You can listen the same way you do other cups or listen to it silently.
April 11th 2018
After I finished listening, and turned my phone off, I could still hear the sounds. I rechecked to b sure it was off,but it was off!
April 11th 2018
Karen C
I don’t have a play button or a pause button. Do you know when this will get fixed on the app?
April 11th 2018
This one I’ll use often! Thanks!
April 11th 2018