7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help find clarity in all areas of your life. Find direction and purpose.

Clear the Third Charka and Release Addictions

Clear your third chakra from all cords, addictions, and power struggles. 

The third chakra deals with issues of will, power, determination, control issues, commitment, drive, digestion, anger, frustration, resentment, gas, bloating, I think that covers it...

Use this Cup to clear your third chakra and move your will into alignment with your intentions.

Release all places where you are getting your needs meet externally in an unhealthy way and meet those needs internally in your own divine line.

  • Clean and clear your lower energy centers of all cords, vibrations, and templates that do not serve you.
  • Place the appropriate healing holograms around the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st chakras.
  • Tones to clear the third chakra. (The musical note E)
  • Energetically locate all areas where you are getting your needs meet on external substances.
  • Bring those reference points back to your divine line, and get those needs meet internally.
  • Light language activation to release the addiction.
  • Repair the energetic crystalline structures within and around the third chakra.

May you gently move into alignment with your intentions.

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Comments & Discussion

This meditation was incredibly powerful and effective for me. In fact, the last week (or two) of meditations has been so spot-on and incredibly useful. I wanted to say this about all of them! They are all helping me in getting the job(s) done in the higher realms! Just great. Thank you!
January 18th 2013
The "addiction" that resonated most strongly with me this morning was the self-critic. So, I did some reflection on this and got the following on how to begin to move free of this critical self - perhaps another will find this helpful too:) "Release the need to be 'perfection' in order to feel security. Perfection is sought when you no longer draw your inner knowingness of how to exist in this world without a need to fit in. The 'to Be you' is lost in the schuffle of more stuff, more activities, more .... etc. - or is it? This false more's crescendo can lead you to a deeper more, because it brings more disturbances and you are desiring them to help you realize all is not gotten externally. In your attempt to 'Be' perfect in anothers' eyes trained on you, you lost your footing on how to express from within fully. Try experimenting and letting curiosity drive you to explore how being different lets you be free to do the more fulfilling . . . the realization of self witnessing itself in joy . . aaahhhh. Unearth what you desire least about your surroundings and dare to take another path today and always. Move towards your joy in a way that is felt and cherished from within oneself. A self seeking itself within itself first, and allow it to grow to see itself in others after it has lived within first." All my love:)
January 18th 2013
Looks like I need to apologize to a couple of people for my, uh, third chakra issues kicking in this week
January 18th 2013
January 18th 2013
That sounds like a request. I will work on bringing in a diet / metabolism meditation in the next bit. Aleya
January 18th 2013
DITTO Kim's remarks! :-) Ruth
January 18th 2013
Lol! Hope this also flips on my metabolism switch!! Kim
January 18th 2013