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Evenly Distribute Your Light in your Divine Cosmic Loop

Use this Cup to evenly distribute your light in your divine cosmic loop. When your energy is balanced in your divine loop...clarity flows, motivation happens, and vitality blooms. The energy is high right now. Use it to find an inner flow, balance, and vitality.

  • Take a few deep breaths into your belly.
  • Pull your energy and awareness into your divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self to connect with your body deva's Higher Self.
  • Open lines of communication between you and your body.
  • Firmly attach your divine line to the front of your spine.
  • Evenly distribute your light through your entire divine cosmic loop.
  • Tones to help you evenly distribute your light in your divine cosmic loop.
  • As you evolve your light becomes more intense. It is important to hold only 1% of your light on the front of your spine and to evenly distribute your light in your entire divine cosmic loop.
  • Invite your body to balance its central nervous system for a more harmonic way of being.
In each breath may you hold your energy in a balanced way.


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Comments & Discussion

Extra special - much appreciation for providing this important cup! Blessings:)
February 1st 2016
So fantastic I used this meditation again today! Thank you Aleya. How can I get a copy of the image of the divine loop?
January 30th 2016
I feel blingie..clear. Love to YOU.
January 30th 2016
Thank you, Aleya, for this, so helpful and timely!
January 30th 2016
Absolutely Divine. Blessings Aleya.
January 29th 2016
Oh yea the image is nice and helpful.
January 29th 2016
Very nice, I had to put the earphones on for this one because I could tell at the beginning of this meditation it was going to be a big. Big, gentle I could relax and now I am stronger too. relaxed and strong this is great. Thanks Aleya and all.
January 29th 2016
thank you thank you thank you very key for me....why 1 % again?
January 29th 2016
I love this, very cool image too! I have been thinking about this and doing it when I feel out of sorts or not in balance. It does help me to feel centered and balanced!
January 29th 2016
Very cool, thank you !
January 29th 2016
Yesss!! Thank you Aleya! And thank you to the whales. I'm looking forward to working with this one for a while :)
January 29th 2016