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Present Breath of Now

A simple yet profound practice. This cup can help you find a connected present state. When the energy accelerates, slowing down and coming into the present moment can be the most helpful thing to do. 

  • Take a few deep breaths into your belly.
  • Use your inhale to pull all of your awareness out of the future and into the present breath of now.
  • Use your exhale to pull all your energy out of the past and into the present breath of now.
  • As you hold your awareness into this present moment use your next inhale to pull your awareness into your divine line. 
  • Invite your body deva to do the same.
  • As you hold your awareness in your divine line invite the energetic aspect of you and your body deva to activate peace, calm, connection, and a centered way of being at the level of your Higher Self and in your divine line.
  • Feel the reflection.
  • Tones to assist you in coming into a calm, connected, and present state.
In each breath may you hold a vibration that is centered, connected, and calm.

This is a powerful and deeply calming cup.
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very soothing and relaxing.Sweet.
July 29th 2015
I love this be in the moment one,,,, there are so many different variations that you have ,,,, the essence the same but I love the toning on this one supporting the concept!!! definitely going into my playlist!!!! LOVE!
July 29th 2015
I really liked the sound of crickets in the background!
July 29th 2015
Love this :)
July 29th 2015
Lisa C.
So calming. Absolutely perfect.
July 29th 2015
Good zen! Thank you!
July 29th 2015
Perfectly calming! Lovely toning, thank you.
July 29th 2015