7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help find clarity in all areas of your life. Find direction and purpose.

Recalibrate Your Energy

Use this meditation to recalibrate your energy. Find your bearings, recalibrate your timing, and heal events that need healing.

  • Energetically recalibrate all of your timing components.
  • Come into divine flow.
  • Bring in sacred healing holograms in all moments where there was upset or discord. 
  • Activate the spiritual lessons and release the trauma.
  • Bring all your reference points back to your divine line.
  • Inhale into your inner river of light.
  • Clean and clear your base chakra with tones.
  • Activate your base chakra with the vibration of hope, trust, abundance, support, and empowerment.


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Comments & Discussion

I have Mercury in Virgo (sun) and Gemini (ascendant) so I don't seem to have much more trouble with
this planet then usual. Sometimes I feel calmer when it is in retrograde. I do feel more relaxed today
and a " Looking Forward " to the Future outlook, so that is good. Thanks for the Meditation, feels good.

August 7th 2012
Yes it is a bumpy exit out of this particular cycle. Aleya
August 7th 2012
Today is actually the last day of Mercury Retrograde. Can you tell I am eager for the end of this particular cycle? Wishful thinking on my part. It actually ends tomorrow morning at 1am.
August 7th 2012
Loved the chakra toning part! Could really feel that working!!
August 7th 2012
lovely. I must really need this one. Was at my friend's house practicing for my state boards and when I walked out of her house I tripped and bit the dust. Major fall. Pretty bruised today. Must have been real deep in Retrograde hahaha.
August 7th 2012