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Reflect and Heal During Mercury Retrograde

Use this Cup to reflect upon the past and heal all moments you ever thought you "made a mistake", "should of", or "could of". The more compassion you hold about the past the more you move forward in a supportive and empowered way. This Cup is perfect to use when Mercury is in retrograde, a time of deep reflection. You can also use it any time you feel regret or any energy, thoughts, or emotions about your past that may be holding you back.


  • Hold your awareness in the present breath of now.
  • Pull your energy into your divine line.
  • Take a moment to reflect upon your past path and all of the choices that you may still regret.
  • Send energetic information to yourself in the past that truly do support your greatest happiness.
  • Release the regret of all past choices.
  • Invite some energetic aspect of you in the future to send information to you in this present moment.
  • Invite your future self to gently guide you. 
  • Place healing holograms around you in the past to help you cultivate greater discernment, support, compassion, and empowerment.
  • Reflect that healing to the present breath of now and beyond.
May you move forward with no regrets.

Thank you for your feedback. I love it.


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donna r
Thank you Aleya for talking to me through this cup. I see the regrets I thought I had as needed. I know divine timing. I would love to have this cup as a transcript. I receive information from my higher self talking to me as I am listening. Then I sometimes forget the messages in my little ole brain :)
March 9th 2019
Thank you Aleya, feeling that reflection for a few days now. Loved this.
March 8th 2019
Yes, I understand, emotionally, physically I feel a shift, a lightening. Intellectually I need to spend more time with how I can integrate this deeply, for there are many things I would have, could have,"should have" done differently, and on the other side of the experience I wonder how did I not see this coming"? Ultimately it's about vast awareness and being in my full expression of the beauty of my divine soul.
March 8th 2019